Quality Policy

We have an advanced quality control system, from raw material to end product

To certify the quality of our services, from raw material to end product, we have equipments to perform material-chemical and electrical tests, following all the steps of production process. In 2005, our advanced quality control system allowed us to conquer the Anatel (National Telecommunication Agency) seal of ratification.

Our high-tech equipments are in all manufacturing process.

It certifies the quality of Coopersalto products, because Anatel looks at the telecommunications developments in Brazil, bringing to the national territory a modern and efficient infrastructure, being able to offer suitable services and a variety of goods with low prices.

Our Wires and Cables are safely stored in our new shed.

Besides, Coopersalto is affiliated to Unisol - Co-operative society group and mutual undertaking, which joins several corporations and community groups to try to turn the Brazilian society into a fair society toward democracy.

Here there are the main points of our Quality Policy:

  • Standard of quality in products and services;
  • Standard in serve and technique assistance;
  • Competitive market;
  • Continual improving in process and products.