Terms of Sale

Terms and General Conditions for Material Supplying

Our general conditions established here are constituent of Coopersalto trading proposal which we’re presenting you now. If future divergences happen, these conditions below will be respected:

Proposal Validity
The trading proposal above mentioned will have its validity during the period established on it, counting in consecutive days starting on the date of our proposal presentation, there’s a possibility of reviewing it if there’s an agreement between Coopersalto and the customer.

Prices and Trading Conditions
Prices and Trading Conditions established are the ones on our trading proposal above mentioned and they will be readjusted in every invoicing according to the formulas established on our trading proposal and mutual agreed.

Credit Approval
The supplying of the material listed on our proposal depends on the approval of credit. It’s related to the information and guaranty given by the customer.

Our taxes are according to the newest law of taxation. Any modification in the tax base or creation of new taxes or percentages will bring up-to-date our prices so that the initial economical balance is kept.

All and any kind of additament solicited after the order confirmation will just be accepted if presented in written(by formal letter or email). If it’s approved, it will be considered part of the buying process. Verbal solicitations won’t be processed.

Penalty and Financial Obligation in result of Overdue Payments
The value and date established on the invoice must be respected, on punishment of paying 10% (ten percent) penalty and interests of 4% (four percent) a year.

Unexpected Events (Environmental, Criminal and Others)
Both customers and Coopersalto are considered free of contractual duties if:

  • Blackouts, burning or flood officially stated as catastrophic;
  • Legal resolution that exceed the will of both customer and supplier and doesn’t depend on Coopersalto or the customer.

Material Guarantee
Coopersalto accepts the responsibility for production fault for a period of 12 (twelve) months counting from the material receiving and has the right to inspect any defective material, before the retreat or devolution.

All the material on the orders will be manufactured and there might be a variation of about 5% (five percent) surplus or minus on the cable length, considering the whole bobbin or the whole supplied cable.